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This community is for all things Gale Harold.

Discuss his acting, deliver news on all upcoming movies, or movies he's working on. Also, a place to share pictures.

There are some ground rules:

1. Please introduce yourselves. Just out of courtesy. Thanks!!

2. You can post anything about Gale. Just no gossip. That will not be tolerated here! QAF posts are welcome.

3. Be respectful to one another.

4. My community is open to all shippers in QAF.

5. SPOILERS!!!: Please be kind to put any spoilers(Some seasons might have not been seen in all countries)behind LJ-cut. Also any movie spoilers should be kept behind and LJ cut. Some of our members live overseas where they have not seen certain seasons.</b>

Oh and one more thing...

6. Please do not speculate, when it comes to Gale's personal life. I hate it with a passion! Gale is private about his life and we need to respect that. His life is his life...not ours. This is not the place for that.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask myself nikkiwawa79 or kick_it_harder We are here if you have any problems. :D

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