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26 July 2004 @ 04:04 pm
Ok, just wanted to let everyone know, that the new series of Who Said That? will be postponed until Monday, August 2. I'm just really busy this coming week, and I won't have time to put up the games and keep track. I've never done this. lol But, I really need to this week.

Also, no worries, the Season 6 winner or winners for Guess the Scene will be announced this week, If there is a tie, I will make a Sudden Death Round, so I can post it for the weekend.

I'll be around, making posts this week, I'm not going anywhere, but managing games on my own can be stressful at times, and with this busy week, I'll go nuts. lol

Sorry, for any inconvenience. Hey, at least it will give me a chance to find some possibly hard quotes! *evil grin* So, be prepared Monday<3
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26 July 2004 @ 06:51 pm
*All news courtesy of QAF Addiction*

I have a lot of news today.

First, some production news:

QAF will return next year, 2005, for Season 5. While it has yet to be officially confirmed by Showtime, all sources tell us that this will be the fifth and final season of the show. The principal actors who are contracted through season 5 will all be returning (Michelle Clunie, Thea Gill, Gale Harold, Randy Harrison, Scott Lowell, Peter Paige, Hal Sparks), as will Robert Gant and Sharon Gless (to the best of our knowledge). The actors are due back in Toronto mid-September to begin shooting the 13-episode season (filming begins September 20, according to one actor's website), and will wrap sometime in the Spring of 2005 (it takes about 7 or 8 business days to shoot en episode of QAF). The DVDs and VHS box sets of Season 4 will likely be available around that same time, with a DVD signing tour to follow shortly thereafter, as in past years. I will post the information to the news page when it becomes available.

Logo, the new gay-themed digital cable channel which is scheduled to launch in as many as 15 million homes on February 17, 2005, is still in negotiations to acquire gay-themed series, with possibilities including fellow Viacom network Showtime's "Queer as Folk." The channel's schedule will primarily be initially composed of more than 150 acquired movies and documentaries with gay themes, including "Gods and Monsters" and "An Early Frost" [another CowLip production, by Ron Cowen and Dan Lipman, co-executive producers of QAF]. The original programming will hit the airwaves in the months after launch.

You can see the cover of the Hal Sparks Band's new album on the main page of his website, and listen to sample tracks on the music page.

"No Limits" is now "The New Face of Showtime" as the cable network gives itself a makeover. Matthew Blank, Showtime's chairman and CEO, believes that the new slogan represents how different the network is, and says that shows like "Queer as Folk" fit Showtime's personality. Bob Greenblatt, president of Showtime's entertainment division, admits that there is competition between Showtime and HBO, but tells interviewer Preston Turegano that the constant comparison gets tiresome. "I just look at anybody who makes a great show or movie as competition," he said. "God bless HBO, which is as good or better than almost anybody out there, but I look at what FX, USA, Fox and NBC are doing, and they're all competition. I try to downplay the rivalry (between Showtime and HBO), but I guess it's inevitable." To emphasize its new image, Showtime presented a cascade of film clips of upcoming new programming. Full story is here.

While Gale Harold and Robert Gant were unable to attend the recent Queer As Folk Cast Party for John Kerry and John Edwards, which was part of the Kerry campaign LGBT "Ripple Of Hope" Initiative, both continue to actively support the Kerry-Edwards campaign. For more information, visit the LGBT4.com website.

For more news and also to see a new B/J video, please go to QAF Addiction.
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