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15 June 2004 @ 07:18 am
thanks to heavenly_g for pointing this out!

Some exciting news for Gale Harold fans.... Jennifer Elster teamed up with her Particles of Truth co-star once again this Spring to work on another film in New York City. "Life on the Ledge" is the name of the feature, directed by Jennifer's husband, Lewis Helfer. It's a dark comedy about a guy who wants to die until he finds out that he is actually dying. The main character's alter-ego speaks to him throughout the piece, giving him advice. Broadway star Tovah Feldshuh will also appear in the film. Principal shooting took place in April and May of this year. You may recall that in an interview published at filmstew.com last June, Jennifer talked about this new project and about working with Gale on Particles of Truth. “There’s a nice chemistry between us,” Elster suggests. “There was just a really nice rapport. We have a great relationship and, through this film, a really great friendship has blossomed, which I’m so happy about ... I’m sure we’ll work together again.” This time around, however, Elster will stay behind the scenes, helping her husband produce the film. More details to follow, so stay tuned. Particles of Truth is coming to theaters this Fall, opening in New York on September 17th. The soundtrack and DVD will follow early next year (2005).

Nice. Very nice.
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whitney ♥
15 June 2004 @ 01:11 pm
Hey i wanted to apologise for the second...was it the second one? anyway the post I put saying these are my more artsy pictures. if any of u did go to look at them I'm guessing you couldn't see them. they were saved on my photobucket acount, which decided to go crazi right after I had posted them. but the photobucket problem is fixed! so if anyone is interested in looking at them, I'm pretty sure there'll be visible now. O and to the couple people who were really happy with me using goo goo dolls songs,I'm going to be making some more banners using Goo goo dolls lyrics...loL look at me being all egotistical. anyway ya, so if anyone had wanted to see the pics and were unable to, u can now if ur still interested.
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15 June 2004 @ 05:17 pm

poem by jane kenyon, shirt as worn by gale harold.  made for a client of mine as a thank you.  feel free to take/use/giggle at--well, all of the above.  comments welcome.  crossposted a bit as well.


the shirtCollapse )
15 June 2004 @ 11:44 pm


I'm new, just thought I'd say hello.

Yup, love QAF.

Yup, love Gale.


Don't really know what else to share ;)

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