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03 June 2004 @ 09:20 am
This person posted the answer to last nights question for Guess the Scene. Of course, I removed it. lol

Anyway, here is how it works.

There are 2 types of members in LJ communities, in general.

1. Members- who are members in the community.

2. Watchers- who are not members, but watch the activity.

*People who are members are automatically watchers, unless you choose not to have this on your friends' list*

When it comes to games and polls, I only open them up to Friends. Which means, the poll is only open to members of the community. Anyone who is just a watcher, doesnt have the benefit of participating in the games.

Just had to clear the air about that. If there are any watchers who would like to participate in gaming, all you need to do is join :))))

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03 June 2004 @ 07:19 pm
not enough icons again for mods choice, but I really appreciate everyone who participated!!

1st Place= by cristi_is_here

2nd Place= by dawnydiesel

3rd place= by photoelectric

Banners will be up late tonight, early tommorow.

So it should be easy...This weeks Contest will be slightly different.

New Contest this weekCollapse )

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