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10 January 2004 @ 12:51 pm
**Gale Harold, Peter Paige, Hal Sparks, Michelle Clunie and Sharon Gless are among those featured in the slew of pictures which have been posted to WireImage.com and FilmMagic.com from the The Television Critic's Association event at the Renaissance Hotel last night in Hollywood. Chairman and CEO of Showtime Networks, Matthew C. Blank, posed with actors from the various series. Not that they aren't all beautiful and glowing as always, but Sharon Gless looks absolutely fabulous!

**Screening times for the Santa Barbara Film Festival have been announced. Particles of Truth will be shown Thursday, February 5th at 1pm and on Saturday, February 7th at 3:30pm.

**In a new article from reuters.com entitled, "Showtime Plays It Straight with Gay Dramas" (Andrew Wallenstein, January 8), Robert Greenblatt, head of Programming, talks about establishing the new Showtime series "The 'L' Word" as well as the returning "Queer As Folk" in order to sustain viewership. "I don't want to look to next year to launch a whole new slate," Greenblatt said. "You need carryover and stability." The article goes on to say that QAF originally had a $10 million promotional budget, but that as the hype and ratings waned, the marketing expenditure was cut for seasons 2 and 3. The upcoming season will feature more story lines highlighting the maturation of the characters, shifting focus from the perils of promiscuity to the complexities of relationships. Showtime will support QAF with a new marketing campaign that will spend millions more than it did last season. To hear Showtime tell it, writes Wallenstein, the changes are not an intentional outreach to a broader audience but an organic outgrowth of the "Folk" narrative. But Greenblatt acknowledged that less clubbing and more cuddling will appeal to more viewers. Ron Cowen says, "I'm hoping the stories will be seen as a bit more universal. A lot of people look at the show and think it's a crazy, gay sex club show, but it's not." Greenblatt adds, "'Folk' will still be sexy and audacious. We're not turning into 'The Brady Bunch.'"

**This update was courtesy of Queer As Folk Addiction News**

Nikki's Comments:

Ok, the Gale pics are in the FilmMagic.com page. The WireImage.com page didn't catch any pics of Gale, but there are pics of the rest of the QAF cast. Which Michelle Clunie(Mel) looks completely HOTT! Warning, they are small. I'm trying to wait it out to see if someone posts the bigger versions, then I'll post them here.

It looks as though Robert Greenblatt is really backing QAF BIG TIME!!! That is some good news. He loves the show and he knows QAF is it's biggest show on Showtime. Hopefully, this new marketing campaign, will pay off for a 5th season! Keep the fingers crossed.
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